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Friday, February 22nd, 2019
How well do you know MX40?

How well do you know MX40?

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by February 7, 2018 MX40, News


MX40 was formed in 1994 when the suburb was experiencing a burglary a week! A group of residents banded together to form the MX40 committee to work with the police and implement a security patrol service to help reduce crime levels.

Tragedy struck in 1997 when a local resident was murdered, which resulted in the fast-tracking of applications to allow for road closures.

Despite the fact that crime has increased in many surrounding areas, crime in MX40 has been greatly reduced. This is largely the result of a vigilant and dedicated security company, involved committee and close-knit group of residents. That being said, criminals are always looking for new ways to target new areas, which is why MX40 is committed to keeping abreast of the latest crime prevention tools on the market.

With additional MX40 community membership contributions, we can:

At present, just under 70% of MX40 households are community members. Additional funds generated by new member sign-ups will help us to:

  1. Connect all security cameras to the fibre network (the has negotiated free fibre connectivity with MTN) and pay for real-time 24/7 monitoring of suburb activity. (COST: R12 000 – R15 000 per month).
  2. Pay for the use of sophisticated LPR (license plate recognition) software that detects vehicle registration numbers that are listed as stolen, belonging to criminals, suspicious, etc. This then allows Beagle Watch to react should a suspicious vehicle enter MX40.
  3. Mount additional digital, high pixel cameras at all key intersections within the suburb – this will be phased in as income permits.
  4. Enable a second dedicated vehicle to patrol the suburb – this is probably the lowest priority due to more cost-effective electronic measures to prevent crime. However, should contributions increase sufficiently, a second dedicated vehicle can be added to the security offering.
  5. With MX40 being a relatively large road closure community with 204 households, our road closure application has specific conditions that does not permit locking of pedestrian gates at night. As such extra membership contributions are required to improve our security from a technological and armed response perspective (as highlighted above).

Action points: Become an MX40 ambassador – chat to all neighbours and friends living in MX40 about the benefits of becoming community members. Each additional member will make a difference!

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