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Thursday, January 17th, 2019
Suspicious Behaviour and Gates Derailed – What To Do

Suspicious Behaviour and Gates Derailed – What To Do

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by December 4, 2017 MX40, News, Security

There appears to be an increase in pedestrians in MX40, particularly in the vicinity of homes being renovated. Should you notice any suspicious behaviour by pedestrians or suspicious vehicles, please immediately report this to the Beagle Watch / CSS Tactical control room on (011) 577 1200.

A second resident has recently reported arriving home on the 1st of December to find his gate derailed. Residents are urged to ensure that entrance gates cannot be lifted off the rails.

A Few Driveway Safety Tips:

  • Pedestrian gates that allow for movement are easily broken open. Ensure they are adequately secured.
  • Please be vigilant at all times, and if you find that your gate appears to have been tampered with, please call Beagle Watch / CSS Tactical to accompany you when entering your property.
  • A number of residents’ gates are regularly found wide open by the Beagle Watch / CSS Tactical patrol car at all times of day and night. This poses a serious risk for the residents concerned. Please ensure that your gate is closed after entering or exiting your property. It is also strongly recommended that your gate is programmed to close automatically after use.
  • A new modus operandi of crime syndicates is to drive around suburbs, looking for people standing in their driveways chatting to friends who are leaving or arriving, and then attack. Many of these attacks are on women, quite often during the morning or late afternoon. The criminals will slowly drive past and evaluate the situation then two or three men will jump out and force anyone standing in the driveway to hand over all valuables like jewellery, mobile phones and handbags at gunpoint.
  • Please note that one of your most vulnerable places to be is in your driveway. Make sure you never stand around socialising outside of the gate to your home. Greet your visitors and immediately enter your property and close the gate. You are strongly advised to carry your panic button with you when receiving or saying farewell to visitors.


Please note that there will be guards patrolling MX40 on foot during the Festive Season to deter any would-be criminals!

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