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Saturday, February 27th, 2021

Short-selling: How football titan Dortmund (Ger: BVB) nearly lost entire team to murderous short-seller – flashback

by January 17, 2021 Financial News

Short-sellers have been blamed for some of the worst failures in the world’s financial markets. In South Africa, Capitec was famously rattled by short-sellers, in 2018, complaining to the regulatory authorities about an inaccurate analyst’s report that had shifted the share price. But sometimes, short-sellers go to great extremes to push a stock price down in order to make money. Tesla founder Elon Musk has aired his suspicions in the past that short sellers had hired people to sabotage robots at his company’s plant in California. In this 10-minute podcast produced by our partners at Bloomberg, you will hear a chilling story about how a short-seller went as far as attempting to murder an entire football team in order to manipulate the stock price down. …

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Author: BizNews The Daily Insider

This article was originally posted on BizNews.

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