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Wednesday, June 26th, 2019
Security Alert: Houses renovating in the area

Security Alert: Houses renovating in the area

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SECURITY ALERTS IN BRIEF: How to actively protect the safety of your home and neighbourhood when renovating; and how to protect your home from being burgled while you are away on holiday.

How to actively protect the safety of your home and neighbourhood when renovating

Image: Home Renovation

There are a number of MX40 residents that are currently renovating their properties. As you can imagine, this brings with it an influx of people into the neighbourhood.

Here are some ways you can actively protect both yourselves and others:

  • Your builder must supply a list of the people who will be working on the site to you. This list must include the employee’s name, ID and address.
  • A copy of each person’s ID (with a photo) should preferably be included. The builder should have these on record to comply with labour legislation.
  • The same applies to plumbers, electricians and other trades who will be on site for more than a day.
  • Nobody is to sleep/ live on site while construction is underway.
  • Check that your electric fence and beams are in good working condition and linked to your alarm system.


While this may seem tedious, it is in your best interests to ensure it is done.

We would also ask residents that are in close proximity to properties being renovated to be extra vigilant at all times.

Please also remember that building work is not permitted on Sundays and ALL public holidays, in terms of the relevant council by-laws.

How to protect your home from being burgled while you are away on holiday

Home Burglary Image

Many MX40 residents will be taking a break this month during the Private School Holidays.

Should you be leaving your home unoccupied while you are away, we recommend taking note of the following security tips from the SAPS:

  • When leaving on holiday, leave your home at a time when the street you live in is quiet – thus attracting less attention to the fact that your home will be unoccupied.
  • Consider storing some valuables at your place of work whilst away from home.
  • Do not leave any garden tools or ladders lying around outside your home.
  • Arrange with trusted persons to visit your home whilst you are away on holiday. Ensure that they know how the alarm works and whom to contact in an emergency.
  • Install a timer or sunlight sensor to switch on lights while you are away.
  •  Make sure you are not being followed home from the airport. Keep an eye on your rear-view mirror as airport follow-homes continue to occur.

Let’s continue to work together to keep our suburb safe!

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