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Thursday, January 17th, 2019
We chat to: Raymond Miller (CSS Tactical Area Manager)

We chat to: Raymond Miller (CSS Tactical Area Manager)

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by January 16, 2018 MX40, News

IN BRIEF: Not only is Raymond Miller a Scottish/ South African completely committed to the safe-keeping of the communities under his care , but he is also a cycling and camping addict with a wicked sense of humour!

My family is

Very important to me. I am married to a beautiful Setswana lady (which is why I am able to speak some Sesotho) and have two daughters aged 3 and 7. My 3-year old has what we call “the Scottish wind in her” and never stops talking. At this rate, she’ll be able to play the bagpipes!

My journey to become CSS Tactical Area Manager

Has been an interesting one as I have a background in the SAPS, security sector and customer service. It all converges with my current position which involves equal amounts of crime scenes (break-ins, armed robberies and hijackings) and working one-on-one to build a rapport with both current and future clients.

A typical day for me

There is no such thing! But my time tends to be split between the operational needs of the 5 areas under my management (MX40, Vandia, Hurlingham Manor, Bryanfern and Carlmarie), as well as crime prevention, maintaining high visibility, assessing crime trends and handling any customer issues, complaints and feedback.

The most rewarding part of my job

Is undoubtedly having a hand in providing residents with a safe area in which to live, play, work and exercise. MX40 has an incredibly low crime rate and I so enjoy seeing people able to go out for a run, push a pram or walk without having to look over their shoulder and feel threatened. The challenge is always to provide residents with that amazing lifestyle, while also making them aware that they need to be vigilant when leaving and returning to the suburb. Other areas are not as safe as MX40. It’s wonderful to be able to live in relative security – just remember to pay attention when returning home!

Raymond Miller

My biggest frustration in my line of work is

People not doing their jobs! If I am promised something on deadline – I expect it to be done without my having to chase after it. It’s a matter of work ethic and being true to your word.

MX40 residents should join CSS because

They’re not going to get better service from any other provider! CSS is the only company that has a dedicated response vehicle in the area, which means that our response time is an average of just over 2 minutes. Plus, if more people sign up there is a greater chance of having a SECOND dedicated vehicle in the area, which will further prevent and deter crime. (Click here to contact CSS Tactical.)

One of our greatest success stories

Was catching the guy responsible for an armed robbery and rape on Syringa Avenue – a well-known criminal in surrounding areas that was then arrested.

When not at work

I will either be found cycling, camping, spending time around the braai with my family or watching British Football. (When we lived in Scotland, I was the guy attending Scotland vs SA games in my kilt and Springbok shirt. As you can imagine, I was asked a LOT of questions!)

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