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Monday, September 23rd, 2019
Quick Committee Update

Quick Committee Update

Be First!


It’s always a highlight for us when we can report another crime-free couple of weeks in MX40.

In fact, there have been NO REPORTED INCIDENTS over the Easter holiday period, despite:

  • A gate or two being left wide open
  • Garages standing open
  • Bicycles standing outside homes in full view of passers-by in the street
  • A number of residents’ alarms being activated (presumably these were false alarms – please remember to close your windows when you are away, as a breeze can result in a door or curtain moving, which in turn triggers the alarm)



Now for the not-so-good news. The current contribution rate is sitting at just 69%. As you can imagine, this is not sustainable, particularly if we wish MX40 to remain one of the safest suburbs in Gauteng.

Something else to think about – if the contribution rate reached 100%, all contributors could pay a third less.

If you are a non-contributor, please make contact with the residents committee on and one of the committee will call on you. We do need every resident to contribute.

Please also consider becoming an MX40 ambassador and encouraging non-members to join.


Please remember to keep an eye on your rear-view mirrors when driving home, as a number of “follow home” incidents have been reported in neighbouring suburbs.

If you suspect you are being followed, immediately proceed to the nearest police station. If you are already within the MX40 enclosure and suspect you are being followed, circle through the suburb and if you are still being followed, call CSS Tactical (011 577 1200). Do not go to your home. Do not stop your vehicle. Do not go down the Springhill or Bauhinia cul-de-sacs.

If the vehicle continues to follow you, make your way to the Sandton police station. The Sandton police station is at the corner of Rivonia & Summit Roads, with the entrance to the police station in Summit Rd, opposite the Caltex garage. Please familiarise yourself with the location of this police station.

DO NOT STOP in your driveway if you suspect that you are being followed.


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