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Saturday, October 16th, 2021

Urban Warrior Boxing Gym

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by October 18, 2016

Urban Warrior Boxing Gym – it’s not for sissies!

One of the problems with working out in a traditional gym is that you need to constantly motivate yourself to reach new heights. Not with Urban Warrior Boxing Gym in Parkmore! Qualified trainers are on standby to welcome men, women and children of all fitness levels. Each one-hour session has been designed to challenge your body, hone your skills and deliver results.

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Why go ?

One-on-one training ensures that you are constantly seeing results without the risk of injury. Plus, workouts are varied to ensure you won’t get bored or reach a plateau. The vibe inside the gym is so turbo-charged that you will feel motivated and energised from the moment you walk in!

We Recommend:

Pop in to have a look and watch some of the sessions that are taking place.


128 11th Street, Parkmore, Sandton