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Saturday, October 16th, 2021


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by October 18, 2016

Create your own spa at home – with Rain

We sometimes forget that our skin soaks up absolutely everything we put on it, which is why many people hesitate to use any products that they wouldn’t eat! Whatever your “skin” philosophy, there is a definite movement towards more natural bath and skincare products, similar to those that were made generations ago! Rain in the Morningside Shopping Centre creates handmade bath and body products using natural ingredients with African origins – and we cannot recommend them highly enough!

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Why go ?

The luscious smell alone is enough to draw you into the shop! Stock up on a range of artisan soaps for your home, while also browsing through their extensive collection of essential oils, customised scrubs and wonderful “bee” range.

We Recommend:

Four words – Christmas and birthday shopping! Seriously.


Shop U41, Morningside Shopping Centre