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Monday, September 23rd, 2019
Okay, you need to know this stuff!

Okay, you need to know this stuff!

Be First!

IN BRIEF: Paper recycling now on a THURSDAY; VAT and this month’s council bills; is this your dog?; and Pikitup offers free bulk removal service.

HEADS UP: Paper recycling now on a Thursday!

Please be advised that Mondi will no longer collect paper for recycling.

Pikitup will now be responsible for the collection of paper, which they will collect at the same time as your trash and other recyclables – as long as it is in the correct bags that have been supplied.

Action Point:

Paper will now be collected on a THURSDAY, at the same time as your normal refuse, and NO LONGER on a Monday.

VAT and this month’s council bills

Your new council bills have two VAT totals: 14% is charged on power and water used before 1 April. Service charges are at 15% as they are charged after 1 April. You are NOT being charged twice.

Is This Your Dog?

This beautiful dog was found in the boomed off area at the bottom of Strelizia. Please contact Nathalie if you are the owner!

PIKITUP offers you a FREE once-a-month bulky waste service!

PIKITUP’S FREE BULKY SERVICE OFFERING can be used for large waste items such as old mattresses, old furniture, fridges and large electronic waste materials such as washing machines, dishwashers and freezers. 

So, go ahead and have a good clean out of all those bulky items that have been gathering dust in your garage – simply get PIKITUP to collect and dispose of them in an appropriate manner.


Call your relevant Pikitup depot – the responsible Depot Manager will book a call and arrange for a free, once a month bulky waste service to collect the bulk waste items.

Depot number:
Marlboro Depot 087 357 1545

Anyone made use of the service in the past? If so, how was it?

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