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Monday, September 23rd, 2019
NB: News from Your Committee This Week

NB: News from Your Committee This Week

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by February 20, 2018 General, MX40, News

Committee News


1. SAVE THE DATE: Domestic Awareness & Safety Training (Wednesday 28 February)

As you know, our domestic staff are very often the “eyes and ears” in our suburb, particularly when we are at work or away!

Action point:

Please encourage them to attend this extremely valuable training session!

2. Have you updated your MX40 contact details?

We are updating our MX40 database and need ALL residents to please fill in a quick one-minute online form by Friday 23 February 2018. This information will also be used for the MX40 road closure renewal that must be done this year.

Action point:

Please click here to fill in the form (and thereby avoid committee members needing to telephonically contact all 200 residents!) Alternatively, contact if you would like the form to be emailed to you instead. Your help is greatly appreciated.

3. We’re getting there!

THANK YOU for your support of the Residents’ Association – we are very close to a 70% contribution rate.

As you know, we still need to get to 75 – 80% to remain financially sustainable and maintain the high level of security that we have at present, and the accompanying low crime rate.

Action point:

If you know of newcomers to MX40, please send their details to us on so that we can make contact. And please actively encourage any non-paying residents to join the Residents’ Association (only paying members will receive this fortnightly newsletter!)

4. It’s there for a reason!

A special request to please refrain from asking our security guards to open the boom for you! There has been a marked decrease in crime following the implementation of the boom-camera system – please be patient and use it properly!

Action point:

It’s not as “convenient” – but please do it yourself!

5. Carnival at Lycée Jules Verne (Friday 23 February)

A heads-up that students of the Lycée Jules Verne will parade in fancy-dress costumes outside the school from 11am to 12pm on Friday 23 February. They will be limited to the boomed off streets of Oleander, Abelia and Cestrum and will be under the close supervision of their teachers.

Action point:

Please drive with caution in the vicinity during this time!

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