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Monday, March 25th, 2019
MX40 Road Closure Update!

MX40 Road Closure Update!

Be First!

IN BRIEF: 77%JRA Road Closure Forms received from residents!

Many thanks to all of you that submitted your JRA Road Closure Forms! We are happy to report that we received a response from 77% of residents, and have therefore reached the required level of support for our road closure permit renewal!

Our special thanks (and a virtual high five) to the residents in Prunus Avenue, Syringa Road and Springhill Close – 100% of you returned your forms!


The MX40 Committee will now begin collating all the documents from residents, together with crime stats for our suburb vs Sandton precinct. We also need to submit letters of support from the French School, our Ward Councillor and the Sandton Community Forum – all of which we have already received. All road closures now also require a Way Leave (a document from the town planner that ensures the Council that our road closure does not infringe on any rights of the public). We should be able to submit ALL documents in the next month, and will hear the result of our renewal application two months thereafter.

We will keep you posted.

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