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Thursday, January 17th, 2019
Holiday Safety Tips While You Are Away From Home

Holiday Safety Tips While You Are Away From Home

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by December 4, 2017 MX40, News, Security

The Festive Season is the time to INCREASE your focus on security while still relaxing and having an amazing time. The Festive Season routinely sees an increase in opportunistic crimes, so it is advisable to stay aware.

The SAPS has issued these holiday safety tips – well worth the read!

  • When leaving on holiday with a trailer or caravan, leave your home at a time when the street you live in is quiet, thereby ¬†attracting less attention to the fact that your home will be unoccupied.
  • Consider storing some valuables at your place of work whilst being away from home.
  • Do not leave any garden tools or ladders lying around outside your home.
  • Arrange for trusted persons to frequent your home whilst you are away on holiday. Ensure that they know how the alarm works and whom to contact in an emergency.
  • Install a timer to switch on a few lights while you are away.
  • It is advisable to make photocopies of your ID book, passport and credit cards before going away on holiday. These copies can be certified (by bringing along the originals) at any Post Office or police station.
  • Be cautious when allowing your children to visit resorts and venues (such as shops, recreation facilities, game rooms, rest rooms, restaurants or night entertainment venues). Inform them of all possible dangers and what to do or whom to call if they feel threatened.
  • When leaving your hotel accommodation, close all windows and lock all doors (even inside doors) and security gates. Place certain valuables, including firearms, in a safe.
  • Never swim alone on a deserted beach or walk alone on deserted trails.
  • Do not open doors or windows to talk to unknown persons and avoid asking directions from strangers along the road. Rather go to a garage or other business for information.
  • People who go out hiking or jogging should ensure that friends or relatives are aware of the routes they intend to travel along and their estimated time of return.


At the Airport

  • Avoid displaying expensive cameras, jewellery and luggage that might draw attention.
  • Beware of staged mishaps, such as someone bumping into you or spilling a drink. This is often a ploy to divert your attention and steal your bag or passport.
  • Important: Make sure you are not being followed from the airport. Keep stopping as you walk to check your phone or chat to a co-traveller. Use the opportunity to note those walking or standing around nearby. Let them pass and walk ahead of you. Remain hyper-vigilant when driving from the airport.


For general tips on security around the home, please follow this link:

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