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Wednesday, June 16th, 2021
HEADS UP: Hijacking Modus Operandi

HEADS UP: Hijacking Modus Operandi

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A recent video of a nearby hijacking has gone viral of a young women’s terrifying experience on Saturday 13 April when her vehicle was hijacked in Randburg.

According to reports, her car was blocked from behind by a second vehicle. Two armed men approached her car and tried to intimidate her into getting out.

One of the suspects then resorted to climbing on the bonnet, while his partner smashed the driver’s window to gain access to the car.

The terrified woman was dragged out of the driver’s seat before both cars made a speedy escape.


While the above hijacking did not take place in MX40, we would urge local residents to learn from the event.


Invest in a Smash & Grab Window Film that dramatically slows access to your vehicle. Click here for details of Sandton suppliers.

Schedule an Anti-Hijacking Course for your office or group of friendsClick here for details.

In the event of a hijacking, it is best to comply with hijackers. Get out of your car with your hands clearly visible to show that you do not have a weapon. If there are other passengers in the car, calmly request that family members and children be allowed to get out of the car before it is taken.

If you have teenagers that have just obtained their drivers’ licence, have a courageous discussion with them about how to avoid being a victim of hijacking, plus what to do if they are hijacked. It’s not a pleasant discussion to have, but rather have them be forewarned.

Have a CODE WORD for younger children that immediately alerts them to the fact that they must unbuckle their seat belts and get out of the car. It can be anything from “lemonade” to “dragonflies” – just a word that they know means business! Practice it at least once a week when arriving at home.

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