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Wednesday, June 26th, 2019
ALERT: Dog Safety in MX40

ALERT: Dog Safety in MX40

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by October 30, 2018 Committee, News

IN BRIEF: Domestic staff walking dogs in the area; keeping the park clean; caring for your animals in rising temperatures.; and November Fireworks dates.

One of our residents has flagged an important issue that has been of concern to many of us – that of pet safety in MX40. We thought you’d appreciate hearing their valuable thoughts.

Please feel free to comment below – we’d love to hear your thoughts, suggestions and input on the matter!

Domestic staff walking dogs in the area

“This morning at around 8:30am, I noticed three different domestic staff members walking dogs in the area. All were on their mobile phones, not minding the dogs on leads. One gentleman with two dogs walking down Cestrum Avenue near the French School had to pick up the lead of one of the dogs that had dropped from his hand. The dogs were in the road and he was on the sidewalk – not facing on-coming traffic – so was not in a position to see car approaching.

Last week, I noticed the same along Ballyclare Drive near the Camelia Street pedestrian gate – a domestic staff member on the phone while the dogs were on the edge of the road!”

Image of dogs being walked

Keeping the park clean

Please could you/ your domestic staff take garbage bags with you when walking your dogs in the park? We often find garbage, and have even found used condoms and used needles at times. It would be a great service to the community if we could all pick up litter whenever we see it.

The bags can also be used to pick up any doggy poo that your dog leaves behind!

Caring for your animals in rising temperatures

It’s HOT out there – even for those of us without fur coats! Please make sure your dogs are not being walked in the heat of the day – not only is it way too hot for them, but the roads and pathways also get incredibly hot.

Please also ensure that you take water with you and that there is PLENTY of water available for them at home!

Pet hiding from fireworks image

November fireworks dates

Just a heads up about two November dates when fireworks will potentially be taking to our skies:

Guy Fawkes Day: Monday 5 November

Diwali: Wednesday 7 November

Please consider ways to keep your furry kids calm and safe. Keep them indoors with the TV on and curtains or blinds closed.

Also chat to your vet in the next few days if tranquillisers are needed to keep them calm.

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