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Monday, September 23rd, 2019
ALERT: JRA Road Closure forms needed urgently!

ALERT: JRA Road Closure forms needed urgently!

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News from your MX40 Committee This Week:


IN BRIEF: JRA Road Closure Forms needed back by LATEST 30 June; MX40 WhatsApp Group launched; Security Update; and Domestic Staff Training went incredibly well!

JRA Road Closure Forms needed back by LATEST 30 June

Our regular 2-yearly JRA Road Closure Renewal is in process – we need a MINIMUM of 75% of residents to support the application for it to be approved!

If you would like to see our road closures renewed (and why wouldn’t you?), then here’s what you need to do:

  • ALL residents and tenants (including any domestic staff living in the suburb), need to complete a consent form. These forms will be circulated within the next week.
  • Scan and email the completed forms, or deposit them in boxes that will be placed at the security huts, by 30 June 2018.
  • Any residents who will be away on holiday, need to please ensure that their forms are returned by 30 June 2018.


MX40 WhatsApp Group launched

Exciting news – a WhatsApp group has been established for MX40 residents! The purpose of the group is very clear – to share URGENT SECURITY-RELATED INFORMATION between residents of the MX40 road closure.

As you know, when used responsibly, WhatsApp is a powerful tool; when used used irresponsibly, it quickly becomes a nuisance.

Here are a few guidelines:

  • Only MX40 residents are permitted to join the group.
  • Please note that this group is for security issues only – not for checking if your neighbours have electricity or water supply, complaints about hawkers in the suburb, or about refuse not being collected on time.
  • Post your message in one single paragraph of text – don’t post every word or sentence in a new message.
  • Please don’t send any “thank you” or “I don’t know” messages.
  • Check your sources before you share.
  • Hit “Mute” on your WhatsApp group. You will still receive all the messages, but your phone won’t buzz or make a noise for every one of them.
  • When sharing security information, please provide: the dates, time and details of the incident.


If you wish to be added to the WhatsApp group, please send your details to

Security Update

More good news – May was yet another incident-free month!

That being said, please err on the side of caution and report any unusual behaviour in MX40 to the CSS Tactical control room on 011 577 1200.

Domestic Staff Training went incredibly well!

Many thanks to the domestic staff that attended the CSS Domestic Staff Training Day on 28 May! It is vital that the “eyes and ears” of our suburb are aware of local crime trends and what to do when faced with a security threat. We’ll keep you posted on the dates of our next training day.

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